Skippy Urban is a NYC + LA + Catskills based interior design STUDIO, specializing in minimalist, wabisabi & Mediterranean inspired aesthetic.


We believe in the good life, moored in tradition, optimized by the wisdom of generations before. Anti-fragile. Slow. Lived in houses warm, cozy & familiar. Like a favorite sweater knit by a grandmother. Like a weathered leather glove.

We design minimalist spaces, with bare walls where the texture, material & colour are the art.

We love the aesthetic of clean Roman mortar and/or Venetian plaster for walls. For darker, more meditative spaces, we also work with concrete, hot-rolled steel, stretched leather & charred wood (shou sugi ban).

We favour dark or black ceilings in variety of natural finishes.

We love warm wood floors, black & white tiles, soft terracota and old world terrazo

We always recommend minimal decorative elements, with natural finishes in natural hues.

We love brights spaces where the morning light streaking across the floor. We love the golden hour light envelop walls in comfy bedrooms. 
We also love the soft dusk of rooms & libraries, where the spirit can take a break, find refuge in the semi-darkness, find time to think, to imagine, to create.

At Skippy Urban a kitchen is a room for cooking, and a living room is a room for living. Open concept is always about fresh ideas and never about kitchens pushed into other rooms. We design for dinners that are calm & meditative, away from stacked dishes and messy stovetops.


Interior design and consultation, with emphasis on second homes.

Build and commission custom furniture, with emphasis on primitive & wabisabi design aesthetic.

Sourcing of diverse objet d’art, unique decorative elements, natural fabrics & handmade furniture.

Curated collections of Mediterranean art, with emphasis on Byzantine iconography.

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