about life of Arcadian simplicity.

Like Alice down the rabbit hole – from frenetic Manhattan, to rural calm, from salty windswept Santa Monica to desert bloom.
Town & country.
books and woods.
luscious food and PLEASANT DRINKS.
fragrant twilight.

Spaces to live in, spaces to meditate, to cook, to dry herbs, to drink the best cup of coffee, to spend time with old friends, to find meaning, to dream, to read a book, to write a book, to ponder art, to love, to nurture, to take in life to the fullest.

    Here is the thing about whitewashing – it is that it is hard to do, it has to be retouched every few years and it is absolutely fantastic – for health, for aesthetics, for the sheer pleasure of the human soul!
    Whitewashed walls and aged woods evoke a captivating aesthetic that revels in the beauty of simplicity and nature. This approach is deeply rooted in the philosophy of wabisabi, a Japanese concept that finds perfection in imperfection. Whitewashed walls, with their clean, serene appearance, create a sense of spaciousness and purity in a space. Not only… Read more: CRISP WHITE WALLS & AGED WOODS